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In my business we use a modified counselor salesperson method for sales and pipeline management. In summary, the counselor salesperson method focuses on four stages of the business development process – from relating to our clients, to discovering client needs, to advocating solutions, to supporting the client. Over the past two years, Trello ( has completely integrated into our business development and capture management workflow. Trello enables our team to collaborate effectively, share information, and provide our clients with the highest quality professional services solutions. Many great solutions CRM-esque products exist, from full CRM solutions like Zoho CRM and Salesforce, to team collaboration tools like Asana, Smartsheet and Slack, but for our business, Trello works well. Check it out –


Became a big physical therapy fan

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I’ve heard good things about physical therapy, but until recently, never had a need to go. I injured my upper leg while running, and one visit to Physiotherapy Associates put me on the path to healing. They gave me an exercise regimen consisting of six strength and flexibility based exercises. After doing the regimen twice a day for two weeks, I am feeling better. I highly recommend that if you need physical therapy – go!

Helium and Gravity Trading and Portfolio Protection

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A trader/investor (TI) can learn a lot from charts. By tracking (every trading day) a six month chart and four important technical indicators:

  • chart trend – look at the 13 day, 50 day and 200 day exponential moving averages (ema)
  • stochastic
  • MACD
  • Force Index (Read “Welcome to my Trading Room” for more information)

A TI can develop confidence when placing trades.

Some investing adages that the TI wants to remember include “the trend is your friend”, and “bulls make money, bears make money, and pigs get slaughtered”. On a very short term basis (one to two days holding), the Direxion 3X leveraged vehicles are good trading vehicles in a bullish, bearish or neutral environment. The Direxion 3x use leverage and are prone to value/time decay, and should not be used for buying and holding, only trading.

Some guidelines:

  • Invest about 75% in equities and the remaining 25% in money market accounts or cash for trading and portfolio downside protection; this will allow the TI to trade bullish, bearish or neutral (specifically alpha neutral – explained in a future post)
  • Of the 25% in money market or cash, trade about 33% based on the trend using Direxion 3X leveraged vehicles.

Using a two – three day change in slope of these indicators, the TI can trade based on whether indicators are bullish, bearish or neutral, as the following chart example shows. To discuss, send me an email at:

Email  –

Trading, Investing and Portfolio Insurance

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Recently, many of my friends and family have been discussing how to invest and protect their hard-earned money to save for their retirement, children’s education, weddings and a host of other activities and events that require large sums of money. Most are concerned about market swings and corrections, and many have discussed whether they should turn their money over to a full-time investment advisor. I do not know what’s best for any one individual, but I have always felt strongly that I work hard for my money, and I do not believe that anybody cares more about my money than me. For this reason, I have been a student of the equities markets over the past two decades.

My father nurtured my interest in investing in 1987, and my father-in-law introduced me to trading in 1997. Over the years I have made money and lost money using a combination of stocks, mutual funds, and options. As my children get older and college is now in the single digit years away, my interest has turned to better managing and controlling investment risk and maximizing investment returns. Over the past twenty years, I have morphed into a trader/investor, or TI for short.

Both investing and trading require strict discipline, using a longer timeframe and shorter timeframe respectively. As a trader/investor I use three primary methods to mitigate portfolio risk and maximize returns:

  • dollar cost averaging (monthly, long-term investing)
  • value averaging (monthly, long term investing)
  • trading (as dictated by the “helium and gravity method”, explained in a future post)

Blackberry Curve 8330 – Thoughts

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All my life I’ve enjoyed using new electronics, computers and gadgets. I used smart phones in the early 2000s based on Windows Mobile and with earlier Blackberry platforms. Recently, I purchased the Blackberry 8330 after considering the iPhone and other options, and needless to say, I am amazed by the Blackberry 8330. I continue to find new uses and 8330 features every day. The phone, SMS and email functions are solid, as is everything else. I added an 8GB sdhc card, and now have more room for pictures and video. One of my favorite applications is Barnes and Noble eReader for Blackberry. I have a number of books sitting on my sdhc card that I can read whenever and wherever. I know the iPhone, Droid, Palm and Windows Mobile devices are strong, but the 8330 is impressive.

Dropbox Review

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We implemented Dropbox into our business development and proposal workflow in mid 2009. After heavy use, I am impressed with Dropbox’s features, ease of use and pricing. Dropbox has increased our team’s productivity through collaboration and ubiquitous file access. It has a “Recent Events” feature which makes it very MS Sharepoint-like in terms of keeping the team informed, and administration is very simple. Dropbox’s web interface and versioning are first class as well. Good job Dropbox – keep innovating!  Check it out at:

Health Insurance – Health Savings Accounts

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In 2009 under President Obama’s administration, one of the most politically charged issues in the United States is health insurance and healthcare. One of the best health insurance programs that seemingly few people are aware of is the Health Savings Account (HSA). My family started an HSA in 2004 coupled with a high-deductible health insurance plan. Depending on your healthcare needs and investment risk tolerance, you can maintain the HSA funds in cash/money market or invest the funds in the equity markets through a HSA administrator. A good place to learn more about HSAs is the U.S. Department of Treasury’s website: